Current Exhibits

Conceivably Plausible:
Prints from the Collections of Jen Scheuer and Beauvais Lyons
Ink Shop Studio Gallery  July 1 - August 27, 2016

2nd Reception August 5th, 5-8pm

Conceivably Plausible presents prints from the collections of Beauvais Lyons and Jennifer Scheuer that test the limits of belief. The works in the exhibition depict a range of subjects, from unusual medical cures, to strange creatures and artifacts from distant cultures. Many of the images are speculations about the limits of knowledge and belief, while others appear to be historical propositions now considered to be invalid. Scheuer’s collection includes lithographs and photogravures showing the relationship between plants, medicine and the living body and a selection of research about a famous pharmacopoeia. Beauvais Lyons, who is the Director of the Hokes Archives is presenting lithographs that document ancient Aazudian culture, anatomical anomalies and various zoological curiosities.

Heidi E. Marschner | Progression: Refining Techniques for Reduction Woodcut Printing

June 3rd - July 29th 2016

Ink Shop member Heidi Marschner shows her process for reduction woodcuts, including the experiments she's undertaken to better understand the interplay between inks and paper. The show will explain how reduction woodcuts are traditionally made and document the evolution of a technique that accommodates layering and transparency.

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