Decadia | Exchange Portfolio

Opening Reception Friday November 5, 5-8 PM

The Ink Shop is celebrating its first decade.  The Decadia Portfolio exchange reflects both a celebration of our first ten years, as well as a utopian destination, now and into the future. Our "arcadia" is a place that continues to nurture artists and artmaking; where artists and the public interact and grow in symbiotic ways, and where printmaking and the art of the book are highlighted and celebrated.

Decadia contains 18 prints by 18 Ink Shop artists who interpreted this theme each in their way, some literally, some more broadly.  It is a tribute to their talent, enthusiasm, and determination that these artists have mastered the craft and art of the print.  Their work shows the ongoing exploration of the traditional methods of printmaking, as well as an incorporation of new approaches, which include digital media, social and political themes, and more formal explorations in abstraction. These artists bring new life and excitement to the field of contemporary printmaking with a portfolio that keeps the art form printmaking relevant to our modern cultural discourse.

Participating artists:

Judy Barringer, Brandy Boden, Pamela Drix, Kathy Friedrich,  Rebecca Godin, Liz Grantham, Kumi Korf, Pat Hunsinger, Craig Mains, Tim Merrick, Jim Mullen,  Margaret Myers, Greg Page, Jenny Pope, Kadie Salfi, Jae Sullivan, Caleb R. Thomas, Christa Wolf.

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