Big Ink Ithaca 2017

BIG INK in Ithaca

On Aug 26th & 27th, 2017 the Ink Shop got together with BIG INK who brought a 48” x 96” mobile printmaking press to the Ithaca Commons to promote an appreciation for the art of woodcut printmaking. 

Artists were selected by Lyell Castonguay, director of BIG INK. Each brought a giant carved wood block measuring at least 24" x 36" in size. The prints created at BIG INK events are exhibited in university galleries, art centers, and museums, such as a recent show in Seoul, Korea.for an event that fosters appreciation for the art of woodcut printmaking. The finished prints will be hung in the Ink Shop Studio Gallery October 6th - October 28th, 2017

Participating artists: Craig Mains, Henry Portillo, Stephen Winiecki, Carla Aurich, Sarah Gorss, Greg Page, Camille Chew, Rebecca Aloisio, Judy Barringer/Christa Wolf, Pamela Drix, John McKaig, Todd Ayoung


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