Screen Printing | Paul Van Atta

Silk Screen | Paul Van Atta

Mon. 4/16 10AM- 3PM                                                                                                                              Mon. 4/23 10AM- 3PM

$190 non-associates/ $168 associates

Screen printing is arguably the most versatile of all printing processes. Silk screen printing is a fun, non-toxic printing process that involves both photo and handmade stencils. Bring photo copies of photographs and/or hand drawings made from pencil or ink and I will show you how to prepare them for the screen. Silk screen printing is a great way to make multiples. Contemporary artists such as Banksy, Shepherd Fairy and Swoon have used this process for street art. Other artists who use this process are Beatrize Milhaze, Richard Hamilton and Kiki Smith.

First day of the workshop (4/16) will go through the process of using a UV exposure unit. In this workshop, we’ll be applying an image directly to acetate using a variety of tools and materials, including paint pens, stencils and acrylic.

Second day of the workshop (4/23) will continue with the UV exposure unit but will include the halftone process. Halftone screen printing refers to the pattern of dots of varying sizes applied to an image of varying tones, or same sized dots applied to a tint of color. In this workshop, we’ll go over the process involved in using Photoshop to produce our halftoned images. 

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